.NET is Open Source! (I am probably the last one to find out)

The fact that Microsoft has released the source code for .NET is unbelievable.

Go here to download and then spend hours browsing the code!

Download the entire source code as a .zip file. The archive includes a solution and project files that can be opened in Visual Studio. This solution will not build because it is missing crucial components such as resources, XAML files, etc. but it will be sufficient to browse the source code inside

Create code at runtime with Reflection in .NET C#: Fields

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes

In the previous post of this short series we saw how to create a method using Reflection.

We can also create fields in our custom type. Here’s how to create a standard private field:

You can use the FieldAttributes enumeration to modify the properties of the field. E.g. here’s how to declare the field public and readonly – which is not a very clever combination, but there you have it:

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My First Smart Watch – LG

My first smart watch. Has extremely sophisticated algorithm to tell you how much time you have to get to a certain destination in time.

The added benefit – it can also be used as a watch… wierd

To sum up it is actually a very cool gadget that goes very well with my Note 4 and less than £200.

Only yesterday, while looking at the watch and walking to the station I have properly smashed my forehead against a lamppost




A Quick Tutorial on Implementing and Debugging Malloc, Free, Calloc, and Realloc


“This tutorial is going to assume that you know what pointers are, and that you know enough C to know that *ptr dereferences a pointer, ptr->foo means (*ptr).foo, that malloc is used to dynamically allocate space, and that you’re familiar with the concept of a linked list. If you decide to work through this tutorial without really knowing C, please let me know what parts could use more exposition. If you want to look at all of this code at once, it’s available here. The tests are from Andrew Roth, who had a github repo lying around with some tests for malloc…”


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Why Markdown in WordPress is Awesome

Website Design Using WordPress

As bloggers, or even better, as writers, we know how important it is to have a hierarchy to your content so our viewers can organize what is important and what is tertiary. In some instances we take it upon ourselves to give our viewer a little help by adding emphasis to some items in our posts, whether by calling them out by using block quotes, adding bulleted or numberor adding a bold or italic type face for content significance. And to be honest, writing your post then adding stylization can take as long as it takes writing your copy.

This is where WordPress Markdown Support comes into play.

WordPress Markdown lets you compose posts and comments with links, lists, and other styles using regular characters and punctuation marks. Markdown is used by writers and bloggers who want a quick and easy way to style their text, without having to take their hands…

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Clean Master – The Best Application for Cleaning Up Junk on your Android Phone

When I got this app I were very skeptical, since I just don’t trust the applications that claim to boosts the performance of your device automatically. When it comes to Windows I can do everything myself and better, without any chappy adware. I also of the strong opinion that all performance optimisations have already been made during the OS iClean Master mplementation, so If you are boosting memory by flashing the cache it’s going to lead to slower start ups. While this application claims to do all of that, which I still consider useless it does plenty of other stuff too.

I find it particularly useful for cleaning junk files and identifying and disabling the services you never use. This application is awesome in that! I gives you a ton of options and is a no brainer to use.

That’s it, that is all I care about.

It also claims to cool down the CPU but I’m not sure how it does it since all the decent phones have CPU with variable clock rates. May be its more aggressive in under clocking, I don’t know.

It gets my 4.5 out of 5 for cleaning up junk and a nice interface. Ghee are tons of auxiliary features, but I don’t care about those.

Must have for any Android phone, especially since its free!

How to get it -> Google Play -> “Clear Master”

Disclaimer: I don’t know the author of the software and the review is purely based on my experience. I am in no way standing to benefit from a positive review of the software. This is solely my view of the software and I in no way associated with the developer of the software reviewed.

Weather Balloon Software

Now I’m tempted to go the Android SDK route, it’s free and is more up to date. Apparently Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has quite a few sensors such as temperature, so writing custom software appears to be more tempting

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