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Wrote a prototype over a few weekends and presented it to the CIO of Jefferies International – Franck Sidon. The novel idea took off. It has now been adopted in the US and has been given a status of the “mission critical” platforms within Jefferies, over 17 years since its conception it is still being expanded.

The novel ideas were: eventual consistency – locking overhead is minimised, event sourcing, IoC, plugins, allowing to integrate web applications into WinForms very easily (allowing to centralise various smaller application into one), each service does one thing and looks after it’s state – what has recently become known as a micro-service. Plugin based, each developer could write a plugin without risking to break the whole application. Therefore testing was limited to the plugin only.

With web application, before the invention of Ajax, hidden Iframes were used to fetch data asynchronously, creating a perception of a desktop application.

Order Entry Screen written circa 2003. The form is Ajax like, before Ajax was invented. The form relies on hidden iFrames to fetch data asynchronously.

Order Entry Form

Order Screen

Trade Blotter screen with real-time updates. The implementation allowed to load up to 20,000 trades, with all of them updating several times a second.

Trade Blotter


Featured in Jefferies Intl. Builds an OMS

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