VMware vSphere Web Services SDK – WDSL issues building the DLLs


As per the developer setup guide for VMware vSphere Web Services SDK 5.0, you have to build your own DLLs from the wsdl files provided.
There are a few changes from SDK 4.0, most notably the lack of the genvimstubs.cmd and OptimiseWsStubs.exe files. However it is still fairly straightforward… apart from the initial wsdl command! read on…

Depending on where you extract the SDK zip file to you may end up with spaces in your path. After lots of head scratching it turns out wsdl.exe does not like this! If you have spaces in your path, then when running command “wsdl.exe /n:VimyyApi vim.wsdl vimService.wsdl” you will get an error as follows – despite trying all combinations of environment variables, running from Visual Studio command prompt in the actual vim25 directory:
Error: Could not find a part of the path ‘c:program%20filesmicrosoft%20visual%20studio%209.0sdkvsphere5vsphere-wswsdlvim25query-messagetypes.xsd’.

So rather than copy to e.g. Visual Studio/SDK path…

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