Understanding WCF in depth : Part – 1


WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is a mechanism which enables applications to communicate whether they are on the same computer, across the Internet, or on different application platforms.

Thus it allows you to build a Service Oriented application which focuses on integrating across platforms.

Before diving into the basics (ABC’s) of WCF, we should understand the core functionality of WCF which is “WCF Runtime Components”. When we say there arises a need to talk to the outer world we intend of sending “Messages”. Similarly WCF also uses “Messages” to interact.

WCF Runtime Components:

“Message” class is a core part of the WCF Runtime Component.

There are 2 important subparts of WCF Runtime viz.

  1. Channel Stack: This is the block which does the actual work of transferring a message through the channel which then gets picked up at the other end. For now you can consider this to be a black box…

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