WCF Policy – Part 6: Implementation Basics

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We’ve come pretty far, but we haven’t done anything worthwhile yet.

As a reminder: Our tracking policy is pretty simple: Client and server should keep track of sending and receiving messages, and accumulate that information along a request/reply call as part of the SOAP call. In the end this should create a timing protocol of the complete call.

So far we’ve got the design part covered: The server announces the policy, the client recognizes it. The next major aspect is actually doing something. In this post I’m going to provide some basics we are going to need further on. Classes to maintain the tracking information, as well as SOAP related helpers.

For a single tracking entry:

DateTime TimeStamp { ; ; }
Source { ; ; }
Reason { ; ; }

TrackingHeaders combines the information going to the SOAP headers of one message, in our…

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